Light I

He was born blind.

He had suffered the darkness for years which he had been accustomed to, till that day, when something mysterious happened.

Abruptly he felt a soft, faint beam pierced the darkness, which seemed to be a firefly in the air, a lighthouse on the sea. Confused and attracted though, he got a sense of scare and decided not to move his feet, since he had never seen even a glimmer of light before.

In an instant the star-like light brightened, and it started twinkling. His curiosity aroused, he slowly groped his way towards the source, even if he couldn’t see it clearly. “The light is so gentle.” He thought to himself.

He recalled the period when he was surrounded by absolute darkness. It was not until his third birthday that he was told the earth was full of gorgeous scenery which he wasn’t able to witness, however he hadn’t got the point and he still lived joyfully. But gradually he had no notion of what people were talking when they chatted about weathers, landscapes, and even colors. This beset him a lot, and at last, he conceded the adversity reluctantly.

He had plodded for… how long? He couldn’t tell accurately, but he was depressed by the discovery of the fact that it was still a long distance from where the light was emitted.

Drooping his head with a sigh, he slowed his pace, disheartened. “Why should I undergo all of these?” A disgruntled thought flashed in his heart, and he couldn’t help asking.

That people queried the cause of his blindness was one of his antipathies. He had many antipathies, for instance, talking to others, but that was the very one he detested most, for always he was laughed at and was played a trick on at school, which made him consider everybody untrustworthy.

But he continued dragging himself to the light, as if he was driven by an invisible force. His mind in a turmoil, he couldn’t concentrate. He submerged himself in the past.

Was there anyone caring about him? He didn’t know, yet he would like to believe there wasn’t.

Occasionally he had a strong desire to leave this unlit world, the world with no hope, no laughter, and no happiness, to which he deemed himself useless. He was convinced of the sheer meaninglessness of life, and regarded every day as suffering. He even thought up a method. Maybe… jumping off something was a practical choice?

However, the explanation for the existence of this light remained a mystery. He didn’t care about this. He merely wished to see the source only once, which gave out light that he had yearned for for long. His ears were replete with winds, as he was rushing so fast—he found himself flying in the air.

And ultimately, he fell, asleep.

Yet light was there, still, inside his heart.