The Beginning

The bell is about to ring. The new year is in sight.

Time flies as we grow and mature, leaving naivety behind. No sooner have we relived the past year in detail than we face the coming year hurriedly. Lay down the heavy burden, repack the travelling bag, take our initial dream, step forward readily and firmly.

It’s said those who have received compliments should be rather careful, for other’s acclaim may block the consciousness of weakness, which surely leads to failure. Yet by no means shall we belittle ourselves, since nobody will have confidence in us unless we are confident. Owning a distinct understanding of oneself, cultivating the better part, remedying what have been done that turns out a mistake, are ways to adjust our mentality.

When we gaze at the vast, dark night sky, sparsely-arranged stars hang high, whispering about what they have just witnessed on this tiny, lonely, but vigorous cerulean planet, such as a large amount of teenagers burning the midnight oil, waiting for that extraordinary moment, after which they may become an adult, or may bare his or her heart to someone else, or, may just sigh with the feeling that it seems something in life, which is hard to be aware of, has vanished silently and drastically. Whatever they see, the sparkling stars keep extending their best wishes to whom they have not known and may never know. The stars, the glinting stars, the stars that split the profound night sky, for how long will we still be able to look up at you?

When we overlook the pure white snowfield, accumulated snowflakes lie serenely, mirroring the warm, golden light that streetlamps cast, illumining the bottom of passers-by’s hearts, which originally filled with some annoying things, like working overtime without gaining anything, or getting into a conflict with someone he or she considers dearest, or, biting, frigid wind blowing right into cheek, as if thousands of sharp knives are pricking the skin. But at the time, the light disperses the dust, and pushes the haze in the heart aside, bringing peace and quiet, awakening hope for the future, for the year approaching. The snow, the crystal snow, the snow that decorates the empty city streets, will you still be here years later?

No matter how we get through the year just past, it doesn’t make any sense to immerse in the memory. We shall always look forward, but don’t forget, up in the sky, down on the ground, there must be someone else, caring you, supporting you, giving you hope whenever it seems impossible.

Anyhow, it’s a brand new beginning.

Goodbye, 2018. Hello, 2019.